Early Morning Mist – 4307a-16

Barngi Pansy Sambo


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Barngi Pansy Sambo

640 x 760mm: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2017

Early Morning Mist

The early morning mist over the water is the smoke from the breakfast fires of the Marrga, the creation spirits. According to Yindjibarndi law, in the beginning the sky was very low. When the creation spirits, Marrga, arose from the ground they raised the sky and the world out of the ocean. This creation story is called Ngurru Nyujunnggama, ‘When the World was Soft’. The Marrga gave names and form to the country and then to all the birds and animals. Finally they created the Ngaardangarli, the Aboriginal people.


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Early Morning Mist – 4307a-16

Barngi Pansy Sambo

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