Minjurlu (Spinifex Gooseberry) – 28-24

Allery Sandy


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Allery Sandy
Acrylic on Canvas
490 x 560mm
Year: 2024

Minjurlu (Spinifex Gooseberry)

Minjurlu is a small melon that grows out in the spinifex and it’s only used to feed the kangaroos, it’s food for the kangaroos. Minjurlu is a food that we do not eat because it’s non-edible. It’s very good for us to know all this; what we can eat and what we cannot eat. It’s a survival thing for animals and for people. For us, minjurlu is out of the question, it’s just for the animals that lives out in the Country.


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Minjurlu (Spinifex Gooseberry) – 28-24

Allery Sandy

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