After the Bush Fire. Burnt Country – 6764-23

Allery Sandy


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Allery Sandy
Acrylic and Pilbara Earth on Canvas
1020 x 980mm
Year: 2023

After the Bush Fire. Burnt Country

In the early years living out on country our ancestors walked freely from one place to another, always visiting families nearby. They knew where to go and never lost direction or place. In the season of rain and cyclones they would find shelter in the caves or build shelter from the spinifex just like a humby (baru maya). As we continue our journey there are caves that we see but never enter because of our culture and respect not to enter or go anywhere near. Once our country was so rugged hills and valleys with hidden pools lay far away. Caves were used for shelter during cyclones and big rains and still lay untouched by those who walked the land. Just left are the stories and memories that we tell our children.


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After the Bush Fire. Burnt Country – 6764-23

Allery Sandy

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